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Between July 29 and August 28, the "One Child and One Plant Campaign" flourished at Arihant International School in Nahan. This awesome project aimed to help kids to care more about nature. Students, teachers, and school staff all joined in. The campaign happened in the school grounds, led by the school's head Mrs. Davinder K. Sahani. The Eco Club members and NSS volunteers were also part of it.

Lots of different baby plants were planted, each one representing a different type of plant. Kids from different grades, starting from grade III up to grade XII, took part with a lot of enthusiasm. They carefully planted the seedlings and promised to take good care of them by watering and looking after them.

This campaign is like a living proof of how serious Arihant International School is about this cause. It's not just about growing plants, it's about teaching

the next generation to really care about our environment. This is a big goal that Arihant is really determined to keep alive.

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