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Arihant International School, Nahan is happy to welcome you to the 2023-24 school year!


It is advised to visit the School Campus before seeking admission or registering a child for admission, and get yourself familiarized with each aspects and the quality of the school.

The admission procedure starts with Registration of the child for admission.

*Please note that Registration does not guarantee admission.

Open House Information

  • Admissions and assignments to a particular section of the class are reserved entirely to the school authorities.

  • The merit of the student is the sole criterion of selection.

  • The school does not charge capitation fee. Offers of donations, bringing references, favours or gifts on the management with a view to gain admission etc. will entail disqualification of the candidate.

  • The application for admission form shall be accompanied by an authentic document containing the child’s date of birth.

  • The child seeking admission should be introduced by the parents who shall remain responsible for their fee, regular attendance and good conduct.

  • All documents requested for admission become the property of the school and are non-returnable on any account. Hence, Xerox copies of the certificates duly attested should be submitted.

Parents & Students

Generally, admission will be offered in Class I (Nursery) for a child aged 3 years and above as on 28th February of the year of admission. The subsequent classes can be so calculated.

Generally, the accepted formula is, 

age of child minus 5 or 6 = Class to be admitted.

The standard rule being that the admission will be granted provisionally for the first year and further continuance will depend on the child's performance, academic and otherwise, during the first year of his/her stay in the school.




Office: +91-7650015984

Mobile No: +91-8988183524

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